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Business Card Site for Mark Davis


Welcome to my business card! 🎉

Working with distributed teams is my passion. As a remote full-stack developer and civic community builder, I work with digital natives to solve problems daily. With COVID affecting everyone, we have lots of digital refugees at our door and it’s time to welcome them with open arms. As a certified Mozilla Open Leader, I can help your team get productive and engaged although they are working from home.

Let’s Connect! 💬

If you want to connect, the best way for business is LinkedIn, and civic projects is Slack. I’m active on social media via Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, or DEV So many ways to collaborate!

Hire me! 💻

My professional path follows a few tracks.

Resume (civic leadership focus)

Resume (developer focus)

Have Fun! 👑

I also dabble in things like hackathons and large scale art projects

This page was last updated in the Spring of 2020. I’m currently contracting thru Dark Matter and managing a coworking space. I built this page to match my IRL business cards.

Here’s a photo of me presenting at an AT&T developers conference a few years ago.