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Business Card Site for Mark Davis


Welcome to my business card! I’m glad you’re here! 🎉

I’m obsessed with collaboration. The more folks on a project the better. We all learn from each other to bring the awesome.

If you want to connect, the best way is to chat me up in The Slack or maybe use The Switchboard or scan the official cred on The LinkedIn. I’m more active on social media via The Instagram or The Facebook or The Twitter or The Tumblr. So many ways to collaborate.

My professional path follows a few tracks.

Below are links to two resumes depending on what facets you’d like to leverage. I also dabble in things like hackathons and large scale art projects

This page was last updated in the Fall of 2019. I’m currently contracting thru Dark Matter and managing a coworking space. I built this page to match my IRL business cards.

Resume (leadership focus)

Resume (developer focus)

Here’s a photo of me presenting at an AT&T developers conference a few years ago.